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This site was created to help doctors in training for general practice.  If you feel you could contribute an article, an interesting experience, a book review, or some tips for GP trainees, why not write for us? 

We will help with editing and formatting, and you retain all the rights to publish your article elsewhere. 

If you are an SHO or a Registrar, having a publication (including on a website) can boost your CV.  If you are a trainer or a GP, you can help pass on your knowledge to the next generation of GPs.   If you have any ideas, please drop us a note with a brief outline of what you want to write, and we will let you now very quickly if we will publish it, as well as guidelines on length and style.

If you are interested in developing your writing career, having a few publications (including on websites) can help you get more (paid) work elsewhere. 

As this is a free website, we cannot pay for any articles, however, if we can secure sponsorship, we may be able to offer free textbooks or CD-ROMs (no promises as it is very early days yet for sponsorship). 2005     design by emedica