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This site has been developed to provide a useful resource for GP trainees, or doctors considering a career in General Practice.  It is free to use and requires no registration.  It is a peer based site, and can only continue with the support of other GP trainees.  We do not collect any personal data, store no cookies on your computer, and will NOT send you any unsolicited mail.  If you contact us, we will use your details only to reply to your query.  We NEVER allow any third parties access to visitors email / contact details.

The site has been running since February 2005, and the traffic has grown rapidly.  We passed 1 million page views in 2007.  You can have a look at our site traffic statistics here. 

If you have any comments or suggestions for the site, please contact us.

About the Developer

This site has been developed by Dr Mahibur Rahman. 

He is an associate of Medical Writers UK and has written for several publications on various subjects including:

Getting into GP Training (BMJ Careers 2006)

Tackling Situational Judgement Tests (BMJ Careers 2007)

Tackling the assessments: GP ST Entry Stage 2 exams (Hospital Doctor 2007)

Getting into GP Training: Application guide (Emedica 2007)

Getting into GP Training: Stage 2 assessment Study Guide (Emedica 2007)

Getting into GP Training: Stage 3 assessment Study Guide (Emedica 2007)

GPVTS Shortlisting Essays: A study guide (Emedica 2006)

Being a better teacher (Hospital Doctor)

CME: Keeping up to date (Hospital Doctor)

Making a successful presentation (Hospital Doctor)

Getting throught the exams: hints and tips (

Keeping on top of paperwork (Hospital Doctor)  

He has also written for:

GP Medeconomics

Doctor Magazine

GP Registrar - Medical Protection Society

UK Health Informatics Today

From 2005-2007 he was the GP Registrar representative for South Wales on the RCGP (Wales) Welsh Council, the GPC (Wales) committee, BMA's GPC GP Registrar subcommittee and the Independant Advisory Committee on Postgraduate Education in General Practice.

He was the MRCGP questions editor for from 2005 - 2006, writing a monthly set of practice questions for the MRCGP paper 2.  He was also the Guest editor of UK Health Informatics Today, for their Special edition on Primary Care Computing (Winter 2006).

He completed a Masters degree in Health Informatics at the Centre for Health Informatics and Multiprofessional Education ( CHIME ) at University College London, where his research project was on interactive learning technologies.  He received his MSc with distinction.  

Dr Mahibur Rahman was recently awarded a Roche / Royal College of General Practitioners GP Registrar award for his project entitled "Health Challenge Quiz: Developing an interactive Health promotion tool". 2005     design by emedica